Thank you Men of Nia

Thank you everyBody who attended the Men of Nia Weekend. Wow! what an amazing experience. We are each part of Nia History. Special thank you to Rolf, Bill and Kevin for your stellar presentations that exemplified how amazing men can be. Your talents and uniqueness as top men of Nia radiated our potential, exhibiting wonderful possibilities for meditation, expression and athleticism within Nia. Deep appreciation for Ken and Philippe for your wonderful contributions. Well done Jason, Marty, Javier, Gregory and Glen for joining the line up with these 5 black belts. Y’all offered a phenomenal male lead jam. You each personified intimate connection to the music, superb choreography, with a fabulous example of uniqueness combined with the strength of the human spirit. You were each wonderfully inspirational. Thank you everyBody who attended, I hope you cherish the memories and acknowledge how you were a magical integral part of something very special. See you next year ;-)