Rescued Donkeys at Somaranch

We have 5 rescued miniature donkeys at SomaRanch;
Little Mo, Nibbler, Sarah, Sugar and Nia.
Nia is pregnant and her baby is expected any day now… Donkeys are very group orientated, they stick together, have fun little rituals/patterns during the day, very entertaining to watch. Enjoy a little peak into a “life as usual” feeding of the donkeys. We hope you come visit soon and meet the donkeys in person ~ they are VERY friendly and love visitors.

History: we acquired a couple of the donkeys at a local livestock auction, pretty soon after 3 more “appeared” We now have a happy family of 5 donkeys with all 3 girls expecting.

Donkeys are “the protector”: In reality, when it comes to livestock, Donkeys are low on the totem pole, they don’t produce anything, and therefore rate lower than chickens and goats! With a donkey amongst the herd, when a the predator enters the pastures, they are more likely to go for donkey (being the smaller, slower and easiest to catch). I remember my expression upon hearing this and realizing that by “the protector”… the donkey is actually protecting the livestock by being BAIT! “On NO!”

Perhaps we’re the laughing stock!:
In Montgomery, Texas, we have experience 2 harsh winters and a record breaking summer drought, the result being limited grass in the pastures + expensive scarce hay. The reality is farmers are challenged to feed their animals and if someone has to go hungry the donkeys will likely be first choice. Having 5 donkeys and no livestock to protect, we likely are the laughing stock of the locals!

We enjoy our pasture ornaments, receive great pleasure from watching their daily rituals/escapades and love witnessing what a difference it makes for Soma Ranch guests.

When leaving a retreat/training one of the most common last things folks do is run to say good bye to the donkeys. Guests have even been known to cry as they bid their farewells to these precious creatures.