New Program at NiaMoves Houston: "The Monthly Motivator"

Celebrate regular commitment to self-care.

We have a new program that highlights of our number one attender of classes at NiaMoves Studio in Houston.

We congratulate the recipient personally, ask a few simple questions to get to know them better and find out what makes them such a regular attender.
We then celebrate and feature the participant publicly, sending an email to all our teachers and members of staff, through an email that goes to our community and on the front page of our web site

This month Jackie is the recipient. She describes herself, shares what classes she takes at the studio, what inspires her to attend so many classes, how she stays motivated and what she’d like to share to motivate others.

Jackie shares she has “released two larger pants sizes from her body” (I love how she puts that). Interesting the main motivating factor for Jackie is having a buddy that she is accountable to, someone who will call her if she doesn’t show.

Jackie’s words of wisdom:

“Go every day. You will feel better. You will experience better health. You will be more creative and feel more confident.”