Emotions in Motion Photo Shoot

Bruce is offering a very special Photo Shoot at Soma Ranch March 16 & 17.

Indicate which time slot you’d like on a Blog Comment.
First come first served. (i.e. check the times others have taken)

Bounce Photo Shoot

From Pixalchemy, and the Center of Levity comes a new photo opportunity, titled:

“Emotion in Motion” (Thanks Helen Terry for naming this)

This is a photo series of very special portraits inspired by the categories in the Nia emotions grid. Unencumbered by the gravity process, these images portray the full-body emotion of the dancer’s choice -in mid air!

Nia students and instructors* are eligible to ‘sign up’ for any emotions of their own choosing. Show us what you’ve got!
At a minimum, I am asking each dancer to sign up for one emotion from their ‘happy place’, and one more from some other corner of the realm.

My goal is to celebrate as many uniquely authentic emotions as possible, assembling the widest possible dynamic range of Nia portraiture.

All portraits will be taken mid air, using a mini tramp

Black Clothing preferred
No props allowed for this series.

A signed model release is necessary to participate.

An 8×10 professional print and a Facebook compatible e-file of one emotion will be provided each participant.

Where will it end up?
That remains to be seen, but it could be anything from a web site to a poster or book or traveling photo exhibition.

Saturday, March 16
10:30am Session 1 Lola
11:00am Session 2
11:30am Session 3
12:00pm Session 4
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Session 5
2:00pm Session 6 Monica
2:30pm Session 7 Elisabeth
3:00pm Session 8
3:30pm Break
4:00pm Session 9
4:30pm Session 10
5:00pm Session 11 Deborah
5:30pm Session 12 Wendy
6:00pm Dinner

Sunday, March 17
12:00pm Session 13 Amy
12:30pm Session 14 Jane