Funky Number Nia Routine for Tina 12 year Nia Birthday

Tina Sabuco is celebrating her 12th Nia birthday. She LOVEs fun number combination songs, like Money from Pink Floyd. Tomorrow at 8am I’m teaching a routine that highlights some of the best “funky number songs” I know.

Like life, when it comes to music, everything doesn’t fit into predictable packages. The mastery of math in music is when the composer so skillfully weaves these “exceptions to the rules” the listen may not even know they are there! When it comes to dancing to these songs we are taken to another level, the challenge is to lead/move with ease with these “exceptional” numbers.

I tend to not like to follow rules, and often like the unexpected, I therefore LOVE this music, math, movement challenge.

Come play, sense the movement of your left and right brain and invoke a new level of neuroplasticity.

work in progress play list:
I invite suggestions/comments… what’s your favorite Funky Number?

Track Length ArtistAlbum
Pour que tu 4:16 Céline DionFrench Album
Le Ballet4:24Céline DionFrench Album
Money 6:22 Pink FloydDark Side of Moon
Big Lie Small World5:05 Sting Brand New Day
Bonny Swans 7:21 Loreena McKennittMask & Mirror
Dark Night Of Soul 6:45 Loreena McKennittMask & Mirror
Jogando Capoeira 6:20 Beatfanatic Clarity
Prelude To The End0:21 Sting Brand New Day
Fill Her Up 5:39 Sting Brand New Day
Womans World 3:44 Heart MusicTribute Cher
Adagio 5:11 Safri Duo Spine Susan
The Highwayman10:21 Loreena McKennittBook Of Secrets