Nia Mantra Adapted Routine in process...

As I celebrate 20 years of teaching Nia this year I am enjoying the opportunity to reflect on my journey and how Nia has developed since I stepped in 2 decades ago…

I am ON FIRE about bringing an old Nia routine (Mantra) “out of the vault”. It’s one of the first Nia routines I ever learned (about 20 years ago). Fun to revisit Carlos Aya Rosas on the video, young, slender, in a unitard! Something weird about seeing my teacher, on film 20 years ago and realizing he was younger then (when I began to learn from him) than I am now…

Here’s an invitation from Carlos:

Use the music to guide your choreography and to inspire you on a daily basis. When you have musical insight and clarity you’ll have freedom to shape and reshape your motions. I encourage you to tap into the musical currents of each song. Allow yourself to be transported into the realm of melodic spirals and rhythmic grounding. Remember that music resonates and there is always sound you’ve never heard, so listne carefully, with attention and passion, and do it frequently.

Music is a medium - Ride it!

Love, Carlos

Here’s the original play list:

The Power of Love5:40Celine Dion
Father Figure5:35George Michael
Turn The Page6:00
Conga Te4:05
Tied Up6:05
Fractal Zoom6:24
When I Fall In Love420
With This Love3:20
With This Love - Choir3:19
Wall Of Breath2:25

Here’s the transcript for the beginning of the routine