iLOVE my "job" ~ day of Nia Coaching in New Jersey

Some thing I LOVE to do beyond Soma Ranch is offer Group Nia Coaching. We had a fabulous day, a group of Nia belts from those needing confidence to teach their first song through to first degree black belts looking for something more, came together so willing to listen, learn and have fun in the process.

Click to read on how the Day ended with a FABULOUS TWIST

Check out feedback received from Nia Black Belt Amy Amy Warshawsky . As a teacher trainer it doesn’t get much better than this for me.

Dear Helen and My Nia NJ Buddies,

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! MMMMMmmmmmmmmm!

I have been at play for days and days since this wonderful Sunday we spent together. Helen, I must thank you, again, and again, for the wonderful, safe environment you created with us that day. I felt so at ease and open to receive any and all feedback. That is such a delightful sensation in my body and spirit. My mind and emotions completely relaxed and took on the beauty of your offerings.

For my last number of classes since the workshop, I have been playing with being “in the pocket.” That phrase holds such poignant learning for me. My students love it, too. We are more relaxed when we are with the music than when we are chasing or dashing ahead. And during those times where choreography alludes me ;-P — I pull in one of the 9 simple steps you gave us and wallah, it all goes as if according to plan. So cool.

Now, I must say that I am a little green with envy of those Nia sisters who got Simonized Nicknames! Cha Cha and Klondike, to name a few. So if you want to come back and give me a nickname, Helen, I am all in! Or I’m coming to Soma Ranch to do your special Brown Belt and picking a nickname up while I’m there. Please let me know of the dates for that training when you have them.

Hugs to All and thanks, again, for raising the bar while lowering the tension!