Amazing Dance Studio at the Enchanted Castle

The dance studio at The Enchanted Castle lends itself to beautiful boutique studio, workshop, crafts room or what ever artistic, creative vision you have for such a magical place.

Enchanted Castle Studio Beautiful Dance Floor:
The sprung wood floor (Birch) is the most smooth, clean, inviting floor you could imagine, with ample spring to support your joints and allow for pleasurable dancing. From the outside the room looks like a chapel, from the inside it feels like a sanctuary.

Enchanted Castle Studio Crystal Window It’s a beautiful space for dancing, meeting and celebrating. We’ve enjoyed Christmas, Birthday parties, Church Small group meetings, seminars and of course regular yoga and Nia classes. One of my favorite occasions was a fine dining experience created for 12 seniors on their way to prom.

I love how the crystal windows provide light and seclusion privacy all at the same time. On sunny days the light from the crystal casts magical rainbows around the room.

Enchanted Castle Studio Crystal Window

603 Enchanted River Drive,
Spring, TX 77388

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