Helen retires as a Nia Trainer in 5 years

I want you to be one of the first to know that I plan to retire from being a Nia trainer in 5 years. Last time I checked, mortality had a 100% success rate LOL ;-) i.e. we are all going to die! In our mini world of Nia, we are all going to have our last training, our last class, our last song. Question is will this be of choice? Will we know the last one? 

Can these special last moments be consciously communicated and created? The answer is "Yes!" and, as best as I can, I want to consciously craft my exit as a trainer, with joy, success, abundance, gratitude, inclusion, community, ease, pleasure and a boat load of fun!

The next five years hold momentous milestones for me and us, 

Let's celebrate: 

  • 2017 - 20 years as a Nia trainer
  • 2018 - 25 years as a Nia teacher
  • 2019 - We'll find something!
  • 2020 - 25 years NiaMoves Houston
  • 2021 - celebrate all the good times!

I feel excited, relieved and a tad apprehensive, to put into words and publicly share what is in my heart. From successfully selling the NiaMoves (studio, business and property) earlier this year and cultivating Soma Ranch as a stellar retreat/training facility, our future looks bright. My family is happy and healthy. We are ready for the next wave of possibilities.

I have a strong desire to retire from being a Nia trainer, grounded, relaxed, aware, centered, and energized. My 5 year notice feels like the most harmonious way to achieve this. I hope we'll have the opportunity to celebrate the journey together and I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

As I move beyond being a trainer, the possibilities of continuing to teach Nia, supporting and hopefully hosting other Nia trainers all feel good in my skin.

With love