Dare to Dream, Dare to Dance

I’m filled to the top with delight, to witness how this adventure has unfolded.  Starting NiaMoves over 2 decades ago. I birthed an idea from the dream to create a community of people who loved to dance, connect and make a difference. When Kristie Bryant gallantly came along as my business partner in 2004, we took NiaMoves to the next level. It’s like we co-guided NiaMoves through middle and high school and when we sold the business last May it felt similar to when my daughter went off to college. Under the guidance of Angela Mestre, and the wonderful support of her husband John, they have pulled off an amazing feat. In only one year Studio NiaMoves has transformed beautifully in all realms. Physically the construction is breath taking (House transformed to a cafe, Studio redesigned). Mentally the ideas, creativity and follow through is off the charts. Emotionally the teachers, staff and key community members have come together. And the spirit of Studio NiaMoves is dancing vibrantly.

Wow! I only began to realize what a mile stone the Studio NiaMoves event was as I returned home last night. The evening was a fabulous celebration of 10 years in the present studio in the Houston Heights and raising funds for the Center for Success and Independence, to bring healing movement classes to the teens served at the Center.

Complete with wonderful food, performances and dancing, I felt both weird and wonderful to walk in, as a guest, to the studio and experience others organizing, welcoming and serving.

Angela, congratulations on dreaming big, for daring to step in, for having more courage than fear, for taking the Studio NiaMoves business to the next level and most of all for the amazing community you have cultivated. From the key teachers and members of staff, to blossoming community, you have weaved a beautiful web. Taking on a business with heart, that was birthed and developed by others, was a risk and I’m sure the transition has had many challenges. You have achieved so much in the past year and, as the founder of Studio NiaMoves, to step back and see what this wonderful business, studio and community has become, is awe inspiring. The future of Studio NiaMoves looks bright with Angela at the helm, guiding an amazing team, serving a wonderful community of like minded, big hearted people. Thank you for stepping in Angela, I wish you all the best.