Fabulous Nia Retreat

Joe and I had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful group of ladies for our annual Soma Nia Retreat. After 7 years we seem to have perfected the venue, menu, agenda and content into a most magical retreat. Moving forwards we are entertaining doing this quarterly! We are touched to receive lovely feedback:

Dana Hood "So honored to spend a weekend full of nows at Soma Ranch with the inimitable Helen Terry and amazing group of women!"

Cynthia Roe "Just got home for another exceptional experience at Soma Ranch in Montgomery, Texas. It goes without saying that the heart of Soma Ranch is the exceptional experience of dancing with (and learning from) Nia teacher Helen Terry. That said, Soma is more than just the dancing....it's a weaving of joyful, relaxing experiences from sunrise to sunset. Sipping coffee on the porch in the early morning fog, Joe's home made soup for lunch, the sauna, the lapping pool, the hot tub, the conversations around the fire at night...and the donkeys - the ever-present, peaceful, loving donkeys. Words and photos don't do Soma justice.

One more time...Thank you, Helen! Thank you, Joe! Thank you, Soma!"