Tribute to Whitney Houston - Movement Videos

Helen created a "Tribute to Whitney Houston" Nia experience. Adapted from the Nia Routine Birth. Here's a series of 7 mini clips helping you to play with learning the moves.  If you are interested in attending a workshop on how to adapt a Nia routine or would like to experience this class email for more details.

Clip 1 "L arms, rotate across, draw circles"

Focus on the 3 planes of movement (Low, Middle, High), exploring the vertical, horizontal and rotational lines. The intent is by the end of class you will feel taller, with a relaxed spine and enhanced sense of spacial awareness.

Clip 2 "Get moving HML, flamenco turn"

  1. Fast clock step 12-3-6 High, Middle, Low with Hands up, Elbows out, Arms Down/Back.
  2. Add "L arms" pulse in preparation for
  3. optional turn in place with small steps

Clip 3 "Blade hand, cross arms, roll shoulder"

  1. A stance, "blades" hands in pockets,
  2. Cat stance with inward block (Lean)
  3. A stance roll shoulders
  4. add downward alt block "blades"

Clip 4 "TID pump and swirl arms"

  1. Travel in directions (TID) forwards with cha cha cha base and fist hands. Then TID backwards weave hands (R/L)
  2. Add option of turning while traveling towards the back (R/L) then (L/R)

Clip 5 "SPT wipe & clap with FC 12 3 6"

  1. sink & pivot table wipe
  2. add clap
  3. add clock step 12 3 6 to SPTW
  4. choose how low to step out

Clip 6 "Sneaky Fast clock remember corner"

  1. Fast Clock (FC) 12, 3, 2* Cross Behind (XB). Releve when you step to the corner (2*) 
  2. A stance, cross midline w/ blade arms
  3. choose how low to cross arms

Clip 7 "Heal lead with 180 turns to back wall"

  1. Heal lead in your Fast clock 12/6 x 4
  2. 180' turn to face the back wall
  3. 4 heal leads FC facing back wall
  4. 180' turn to face front wall
  5. Repeat pattern with 2 Heal leads
  6. Cross Front (XF), cha cha cha (CCC)