Helen's UK Tour

Row 1: I love to fly, the arrival in Heathrow early morning was especially magical this time. I feel blessed to feel so refreshed when flying from US to the UK. A brisk walk with Michele and her dog is an ideal way to get energized before the morning class. I love returning to this wonderful community to teach a class within 2 hours of landing in the UK, it's becoming quite a tradition. Having Michele's husband Jez accompany us with live drums is amazing.

Row 2: "Team Helen" - what a support team! Jez (drums), Dad (driver), Michele (producer), Mum (co driver and bag carrier!). We drove to Stroud to walk with Yael and her dog, then off to venue No2 to teach a workshop and class.

Row 3: Fabulous workshop and class in an old "meeting hall" venue with stage. Then to Geri's home for dinner, sleep and yes! a walk with her dog and husband Dave.

Row 4: Amazing to teach my "Rising" Nia experience in a church on Palm Sunday. Fun to be present for Geri's 10 year of Nia teaching celebration.

Row 5: 3 key community leaders (Chris, Geri & Yael), 3 generations of Nia teachers! Beautiful crisp English morning. Mum and Dad seeing me off at Heathrow.