B.A.R.E. Retreat

This weekend Soma Ranch provides space for the fourth B.A.R.E. Retreat.  

What is BARE Retreat? 

A two-day, two night gathering of women who believe in sisterhood and desire to gather, worship, have fun, fellowship and be transformed by God. It's life changing. It's personal. It's intimate. It's sacred. 

What Does it Mean to be BARE?


BARE Retreat is more than an event. It's a radical Embrace movement that will take your breath away. The Lover of your soul will Embrace you and meet you here. 

We have order but 'No agenda'.  

Prayer: "Lord, we're here to Embrace You, meet with You, commune with You, feel Your heart, and to Love you. Do something new in us. Have Your way. Surprise us, Lord!, in Jesus Name. Amen." 

1Embrace Inc. is a certified (501(c)(3) non-profit organization built on the mandate to promote unity, serve the community and share love by embracing one another – irrespective of their race, religion or cultural background.  

1Embrace Inc. exists to lead people into a growing relationship that leads to healing, deliverance and freedom.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to bring people from all walks of life together to experience true wellness in spirit, soul and body. 1Embrace programs are faith based and designed to embrace, encourage, educate and empower people to discover their identity and purpose.

For more information contact:

Sonja R. Lowe

Visionary/Executive Director of 1Embrace Inc.


Office: 832.365.7717 or 1.844.2EMBRACE


To offer a donation to support women on this retreat Click HERE