Run the Year


I’m laying out my clothes for the morning, feeling very excited.

For the 3rd year in a row I’ve participated in the run the year program.

Tomorrow (before 10am Nia class) I will complete 2018 miles in 2018.

This year I eased up on myself and allowed miles to be shared between walking and running, i.e. I didn't require I ran all 2018 miles.

This "allowance" has been kinder on my knees, while the goal is still a wonderful motivating factor.

Would you like to join me in 2019?

Here's a promo code to save $3 off the "Run the Year 2019" program. You can get T shirts, hat and a wonderful medal to mark your achievement.

We’ve set up a local Facebook group to help connect and motivate fellow walkers and runners.

Click this LINK to become part of the group.

You can do this solo or team up with up to 5. Split miles between members however you want!

Big shout out and thanks to my Mum who, (when I was down, thinking my goal was no longer achievable) helped me construct a spread sheet to show my dream was still possible.

It’s a great example of how setting goals, keeping records and plugging away, day by day, really add up.

I hope you’ll consider stepping in on this journey. It can be life changing and fun all at the same time.

Our Mission

RTE is a community where everyone is welcome regardless of age, skill, zip code, wallet size, job, or primary form of transportation. That’s why our mission is Everyone Included, Everyone Challenged, Everyone Successful.