260 Day Natural Time Journey Feedback

Frieda Fox (a stellar Nia fan) shared how she’s enjoying and benefiting for the daily Natural Time updates….

“I am a Red Galactic Dragon this is my signature…

kin 21: Red Galactic Dragon
I Harmonize in order to Nurture
Modeling Being
I seal the Input of Birth
With the Galactic tone of Integrity
I am guided by the power of Life Force

On Wed I had fun playing with Nurturing Myself while nurturing my work, family, community etc. Several times I made choices to do what was right for me rather than running around madly trying to “nurture” others when the timing wasn’t right. Including myself is to me part of Integrity which is also part of my signature.

On today, White Solar Wind, a portal day, I’ll share that on every portal day I now write on that day’s to-do list, “Portal to Power for ____” and then I pick one or more of the key words for the day. Like today is “Portal to Power for Intention” for me. This helps me focus on the “portal” and not the “pot hole” if you know what I mean!

I am really enjoying your messages. You had suggested this as a time of clearing out, completing, redefining etc. So far I’ve cleaned and organized our front room which held the kitty family this summer; cleared a corner of the kitchen that had become a catch-all; gently lured a large feral tomcat into an enclosure with rotisserie chicken and got him neutered - I had been trying to “trap” him for 3 years and suddenly I realized this easier gentler way; set up a new filing system for a friend I’m helping. Getting other completions done step by step. Thanks for sharing this energy and intention.”

Thank you everyBody who’s joined our 260 day journey. You can still join us if you like click HERE.