I LOVE our 4 person Far Infrared Sauna...

I LOVE how our 4 person Far Infrared Sauna at Soma Ranch makes me feel.

10 minutes in the sauna:

  • calms me,
  • provides mental clarity,
  • relaxes muscles,
  • helps me detox,
  • improves my skin,

I hear it even improves cardiovascular conditioning and contributes to weight loss!

Morning, after workouts and before bed each have their own benefits:

First thing: I love the meditation benefits of spending 10 minutes of quiet time in the sauna

After workout: I’m amazed at how wonderfully more flexible I feel by finishing my workout with 10 minutes in the sauna. Our sauna has a timer so I set it to come on and be ready for when I get home from Nia. Then relax and BREATHE in the sauna for 10 minutes before heading for the shower.

Before Bed: I love how relaxed, warm and cozy I feel enjoying a sauna before heading for bed.

Check out Dr. Mercola below.. he talks about Saunas, their benefits and shares why it is physiologically beneficial to sauna before sleep.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information or deciding which size!
i.e. we’ve done the leg work/extensive research: Yes -

  1. Sauna is an excellent investment in your health for you to enjoy,
  2. Poplar Wood and Infrared is the way to go
  3. High Tech Health is an excellent company to buy your sauna from.

we love them :-) and the sauna!

enjoy this video from Dr. Mercola and let me know what you think

Interested in purchasing a Sauna?
I recommend High Tech Health:

email emilyl@hightechhealth.com for more information

High Tech Health provide 1,2,3 and 4 seater Saunas.

The Sauna is very economical, it costs less than 20c to run for an hour!
The Sauna comes in a kit (6 panels: walls, floor, ceiling and heating panels)
Joe and I had the sauna fully assembled within 20 minutes.
The pieces just click together (i.e.you can easily take it with you if you move!)

One of the features I personally like the most is there’s an iPod connection.
We get to enjoy music and I sometimes work on my Nia routines!
yes! I set up my lap top on a chair outside the glass door and a listen/view from the pleasure of my sauna!

If you’d like read more click HERE for a fabulous Newsletter that shares much more about the benefits of owning a sauna.