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Living Big In A Tiny House


At Soma Ranch, for the past 10 years, we love to look at how we can recycle, reuse and be as creative as possible with space.

Being able to create great spaces, buildings, rooms and do renovations is super helped by Joe Terry (husband, Soma Ranch CEO and “Soma Construction Department”).

Joe is an artist, with master carpentry skills, an eagle eye and a extremely creative mind. Under his expertise and guidance, we have renovated, restored and redesigned several spaces at Soma Ranch, including our beautiful dance studio, vibrant social area, peaceful rustic dormitory and massage house.

We are presently researching how to possibly add more rooms, ideally building spaces as independent cute tiny homes.

Solar power, water collecting and the possibility of being offer the grid are attractive options and constructing with shipping containers are very appealing to us.

During our recent research, we found this home made from 3 x 20ft shipping containers. The concept and design is very in line with several of our values, being energy conservative, environment conscious and enthusiastically creative! hope you enjoy taking a look around as much as we did. Feel free to add comments. Would you like to stay in an independent little bedroom until, possibly with your own toilet, sharing a shower/bathroom with another guest? option of an outdoor shower/bathroom? :-)

Aqua Yoga coming To Soma Ranch

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 4.53.49 PM.png

We are super excited to be bringing Aqua Yoga to Soma Ranch! Our pool is perfectly designed for this kind of class, retreat and training.

This is an excellent weekend for

  • FIT PROS who’d like to add aqua fitness/aqua yoga to their skill set

  • YOGA TEACHERS who’d like to add aqua

  • ANYBODY who’d like to enjoy yoga in the water, a fabulous retreat and opportunity to learn

For more information and to register click

Nia White Belt magic in the UK

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.09.54 PM.png

When Helen isn't at SomaRanch she shares the joy of Nia, most often the Nia White Belt training, around the world.

The latest Nia White Belt training was at the Prema Arts Centre in the heart of the English Cotswolds. 

The space is extremely conducive to a magical experience for both the training and classes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.10.19 PM.png

The acoustics in this beautiful old building are amazing. We even had Jez, from Kings Langley (Husband of Nia Black Belt, Michele Kaye) accompany us with live drums for the last class.

Being up on the 2nd floor, the octagonal studio, provides a scenic look out on the quiet village of Uley, through beautiful windows. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.11.33 PM.png

Folks would gather downstairs in the lounge area, enjoying getting together over coffee and tea after class!

The training was produced and hosted by Geri Timmins, who took the Nia training with Helen 11 years ago, who has since been a wonderful community developer and leader. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.12.10 PM.png

In 2017 we offered the first training at Prema Arts with 4 participants. The classes were very well attended and, by the end of the week, there was quite a buzz about a return.

This year the training doubled with 8 participants, with one attendee being Sadie, Geri's daughter!

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.12.38 PM.png

As well as great attendance with Nia trainees and participants, it's a joy to reconnect and meet many Nia belts who return to take a class or revisit part or even the entire Nia training. Nia Black Belt, Christine Davis, a "pioneer" of the Wotten-Under-Edge Nia area, attended several classes with many of her students. 

Bex, Nia blue belt from New Zealand, dropped in for classes, while on her UK vacation.

Participants flew in from Belgium, Ireland and the USA for the training. We had 7 Nia black belts, 2 Nia Brown Belts, 3 Nia Blue belts and countless Nia White belts attending classes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.12.49 PM.png

Helen taught the first ever UK class back in 1994. Now 24 years later, she loves returning to her "birth" country to witness Nia UK blossoming, reconnect with trainees who feel more like friends and spend time with Mum and Dad (who attend every class!).

Congratulations to Nia White Belt graduates Kate, Liz, Sadie, Antonia, Emma, Edina, Jackie, Sandy.

Thank you Geri, Beverly, Maris, Yael, Lesley, Petro, Mary Claire and Claire for revisiting the Nia training.

And deep gratitude to 100+ folks who attended classes to contribute to a most magical experience. See you next year! 



Choice is powerful

Here's a great article about choice, by Liz Dawn, about Caroline Myss. (one of our favorite teachers/authors)

As we look out on our 15.2 acres of beautiful land at Soma Ranch, (celebrating the wonderful facilities and sparkling pool, loving the healing, vibrant, world class studio, recapitulating the amazing people who have come through our doors, time and time again, appreciating the remarkable friendships that have been kindled through this magical place) the effort, tears, stress and challenges, experienced, seem to dissolve into the background and the multitude of decisions required seem non existent. And yet, on those special moments, when Joe and I have time to sip tea, rocking on the front porch, enjoying the silence, once all the guests have left, after another fabulous retreat, Joe and I smile at the acknowledgement, "looks like we made enough "right" decisions to result in this sacred, satisfying and seemingly successful life". 

Wishing y'all a day full of peace and joy, in amongst the multitude of decisions to be made. Keep your eye on the "prize" and celebrate moments along the way.

Nia is like a Water Park Ride!

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 3.26.06 PM.png

Welcome Annie, who attended a Nia class at Soma Ranch for the first time this week. And thank you regular attendee/Nia Green Belt, Barbara Durrant, for bringing your friend to Soma Ranch.

We are amazed and thankful at how you drive an hour each way from College Station to attend Nia classes at Soma Ranch so often.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 1.59.22 PM.png

At the end of class Annie, with a beautiful "after Nia class" glow on her face, shared how her first Nia class experience felt very much like a ride on a water slide at Schlitterbahn! "at the beginning I felt both nervous and excited as I really didn't know what I was jumping into. Then as we warmed up I felt like I was being moved gently through several curves, shoots and tunnels. As we really got moving I felt some moments of surprise and brief moments of concern (like a tight corner when a little water splashes up your nose!), then I really got into enjoying the ups and downs both physically and emotionally. Before I knew it POOF! the class was over. Now I want to do that ride again ;-)"

Thank you for sharing your Nia experience in such a fun way, we love your creativity, the joy you brought to class and look forward to your return.

Another wonderful AirBNB guest leaves a raving review.

Thank you to our wonderful weekend AirBNB guests. They took care of the property, appeared to have a marvelous time and left a RAVE review. When Helen's not providing a training, and Soma Ranch isn't hosting a retreat, we rent out the ranch to special groups and families. One of the ways people find us is through AirBNB who we are super thankful for over the past few years.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 7.53.59 PM.png

Nia Cycle 4 ~ Get Moving

Cycle 4: Get Moving 

In the Nia Technique Class Get Moving involves moving your whole body through space, varying the movement and energy dynamics to condition the whole body and nervous system while reaching your greatest physical intensity and target heart rate. 

In the New Year "Get moving" involves moving your whole body system, addressing the needs of your body, mind, emotion and spirit. Often when we begin to practice healthier habits we can feel worse before we feel better. The reason behind this is we likely have "bad bugs" living in our body and healthy habits (Cardio workouts, eliminating sugar and wheat) help "Kill" these bad bugs. Unfortunately the bugs are more toxic dead than they are alive, the body will do it's best to eliminate them, through mucus, vomit and/or sweats! oh yes! we can feel like we're going down with the flu, have an upset stomach and more. In Body Ecology this is called "cleansing".

The 3 laws of cleansing are:

  1. Expect to cleanse
  2. Prepare to cleanse
  3. Celebrate the cleanse

In preparation to cleanse be ready with

  1. apple cider vinegar (dilute in water),
  2. broccoli water (boil the broccoli and save/sip the water)
  3. cultured/fermented vegetables (and/or cocobiotic)

I've also sustained wellness through fabulous aromatherapy oils, even when surrounded by sniffling friends! Here's some information about some great basic oils to help you through the winter in sickness and in health LOL.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 9.08.07 PM.png

Essential Oils Can

help alleviate discomfort brought on by the changing seasons! Winter brings the darkest, coldest, and gloomiest days of the year. Here's 10 top essential oils for wintertime.

Using essential oils can help alleviate much of the discomfort brought on by the changing seasons! Winter brings some of the darkest, coldest, and gloomiest days of the year. Here are our top 10 essential oils for wintertime.

Uplifting and Motivating: doTERRA Cheer , doTERRA Motivate , and Neroli Touch

Any oil in the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy™ System can be used to help alleviate negative emotions that arise during the winter, but two oils in particular can help bolster your mood when you are unhappy or discouraged. doTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend combines citrus and spice oils to provide a boost when you need cheering up. doTERRA Motivate Encouraging Blend utilizes the calming and uplifting benefits of citrus and mint oils to energize you, give you courage to face pessimism and doubts, and help create feelings of self-assurance. Another great oil for relieving occasional anxious or unsettled feelings is doTERRA Neroli Touch. Apply Neroli Touch to your palms and cup your hands over your nose, breathing deeply, to feel more relaxed and at peace. Use Neroli Touch, doTERRA Cheer, or doTERRA Motivate (or combinations of the three) on your wrists or the back of your neck to help lift your spirits and bring a little sunshine back into your day.

Smooth Skin: Rose Touch and Lavender

Cold, dry, and windy weather leaves skin dry and irritated. Rose oil is known to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and has a calming and reassuring aroma.* Use Lavender oil and doTERRA Rose Touch oil with your moisturizer to soothe, moisturize, and ease occasional irritation and dryness, bringing back a balance of moisture to your skin.* Together these oils can be especially useful for soothing chapped knuckles, elbows and knees. Well-being and

Clear Breathing:

doTERRA On Guard , Eucalyptus, and Peppermint The changing seasons brings an onslaught of environmental threats. To help protect against seasonal threats and support healthy immune function, diffuse doTERRA On Guard in your home.* There are many great doTERRA On Guard products to aid in supporting healthy immune function.* A few oils to use to help promote clear breathing include Eucalyptus and Peppermint oil. Apply over the chest, add to steamy bathwater, or diffuse at night to aid in promoting feelings of open airways. Be careful to dilute both Eucalyptus and Peppermint for skin sensitivity. (For young or particularly sensitive essential oil users, consider using Melaleuca and Spearmint oil in place of Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Both are gentler oils that can assist in feelings of clear breathing.)

Digestion and Appetite: DigestZen and Slim & Sassy

Whether you have a New Year’s resolution to eat smarter, you are recovering from poor holiday eating, or you just want to give extra care to your digestive system, these two oils can help alleviate discomfort and support healthy digestive function. Fennel, Peppermint, and Ginger are just a few of the oils starring in DigestZen, the “tummy tamer” blend. Put a few drops of DigestZen in your water or rub on your stomach or the bottom of your feet to help relieve occasional stomach discomfort.* Slim & Sassy blend not only helps to curb cravings and manage your appetite, but also helps support a healthy metabolism when taken internally.* The aromas of Grapefruit and Cinnamon, along with Lemon, Peppermint, and Ginger, are also uplifting and comforting. A few drops of Slim & Sassy in a glass of cold water can help you manage cravings and ease discomfort.

* Which oils help you get through the hardest parts of winter? Let us know in the comments! ® ® ® *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


2016 miles in 2016

I'm ready with hat, shirt and medal!

At the beginning of 2016 I played with "what if I set the goal to run 2016 miles in 2016"...  I calculated this required an average of 5.51 miles a day. Jan 1 I decided to see if I could do 5.5 miles. I loved reaching the goal of "today I've run what I'd need as a daily quota to achieve 2016 miles this year". I was inspired to set the goal to run 5.5 miles every day for a week. My 7 day achievement spurred me to go for a month. New challenges (like travel, Nia training days, and the need to take a day off!) required more organizing, calculating and scheduling. I'd play with investing in a couple of longer runs to allow me to have a day off!

I soon realized when I missed ONE DAY, if I wanted to keep up I had to do 11+ miles the next day! I found a route at home that was 6 miles and another that was 8.5. miles. 6 mile daily run became my "usual" routine, I began to learn how "saving" a little each day helped build up my total (for example when I did 6.5 miles for 6 days, I had banked 5 extra miles and could then peacefully take a day off without the dread of "oh my! now I have to do 11 to keep up").

During the summer I travelled, taught and trained in Sweden, Hungary and Finland, I missed a day with travel, caught up great with some long early morning runs in Budapest (before long white belt days), only to experience "the great fall of 2016" at the end of a run. I missed running for 3 days in a row (deficit of 16.5 miles). Arriving late in Finland the next day I had a bus to catch at 1pm to take me to Kuoppio to begin another Nia white belt at 7:30pm that evening. The only time I had to run was in the morning, I chose to not set my alarm, to wake up naturally and if it was meant to be I would do a 9 mile run, (realizing I'd have to run 9 miles everyday for weeks to catch up on my deficit!) I woke up the next morning and EVERYTHING was working, I felt refreshed, with crisp, sunny yet cool weather, the air was clean and fresh, barely anyone out. I ran around a lake, all the way into the local town, loving the scenery. Everything was working well, before I knew it I was at 9 miles, hmmm... how about I go a little further, then at 10, I realized a half marathon was "only" 13.1 miles.... inspired I pushed through and completed 14+ miles.  

And so it was, for the rest of the year I'd get up each day, plan as best I could, have things happen, like guests changing/postponing/delaying at the ranch, unexpected weather, feeling unwell even injuring my toe by dropping mug on it! There were a couple of times when I thought I'd lost, the deficit of miles seemed so vast I couldn't see how I'd catch up.

I found tracking my runs on MapMyRun, posting them publicly, made me more accountable. Along the way some friends began giving me shout outs, encouraging notes, posts on Facebook. I was amazed at how this encouraged me to keep on keeping on. A lot of days I'd laugh when folks would share "you've got this Helen", as I'd think, they seem to have a lot more faith/belief in me than myself! In November, while sharing a Nia Week in Budapest with my parents, my "Amazing Math Wiz" Mum helped me create a spreadsheet with functions and "auto calculating" columns to summarize each of the remaining days: the total miles accrued, how many days left, and the required daily average to finish successfully by December 31.

Around this time a very dear friend (Bill Baun) died and I felt him spurring me on. Through my grief, I discovered how the long runs gave me relief. I also encountered strange moments where I could hear Bill's scratchy voice saying "look up Helen, you got this" - I'd look up and see an eagle, sunshine through the trees or some other "all inspiring nature" image. In December 2 friends from the Dallas/FortWorth area (Dee and Kathy) shared they drive down to see the finish line! I was (and still am) amazed they'd travel so far, taking time out of their precious lives, simply to see me cross the finish line.

So here I am, tapping away to share my story, while watching the clock, fully aware I need to get a run in before the sun goes down and a 5pm phone appointment "running on the edge" as usual. Today I need to do 6, to then bring my annual total to 2010 miles. Tomorrow I'm hoping for sunshine and perfect weather, and no matter what, I'm planning a 6 mile run, crossing the finish line at Soma Ranch. I'll share more later about what I've learned from setting such a far reaching goal that took me on a crazy journey of self discovery.

Summary: set goals, plan, be flexible and firm, be accountable, ask for help, share the need for and receive encouragement, small steps contribute to big things, believe in yourself and reach for your dreams, don't give up. I'm taking Dec 31 off and then yes.... I'm setting the goal to run 2017 in 2017. Would you like to be included in a motivational group? You could run/walk/ride 2017 solo, or "run the edge 2017" has a program that invites up to 4 folks run/walk 2017 miles as a team. I'd love you to be part of this. You won't be alone, we'll have fun, support each other, learn much and achieve greatness - how about it! Leave a comment below and I'll get back with you about details.

I'm Worth It! ~ Weekend Retreat

Retreat in a Swing The intention of the “I’m Worth It!” weekend retreat is create a vessel of sacred space so that you can take a breather (literally!) to get grounded, connect with others and most importantly, connect with yourself. What if you take some time to breathe in nature and focus on what matters to you? And while we are at it we might have just a little fun along the way and PLAY!

Click HERE more information and to download the flier.

Price includes lodging, food and materials

Dorm$450Sign up Now
Semi Private$550Sign up Now

Together through illuminating experiences we will learn to:

Build trust through connection and give ourselves permission to be MESSY! Imperfection is perfect and fun!
Have courageous conversations about our strengths and values to cultivate resilience to our inner and outer critics
Bolster our empathy channel, model compassion and practice vulnerability
Bring forward our creativity, tap into innovation and allow ourselves to show up in a powerful way

This weekend retreat will nurture your desire to play big and be brave. Being courageous and playing big while also being vulnerable allows us to lead more authentic and wholehearted lives. Grounded by a sense of purpose and guided by a resilient spirit we will be transformed as women and as leaders.

For more information contact

MotherGood Retreat

Hey Moms! Fancy a retreat with yoga, wine and naps? A revitalizing weekend retreat created for moms by moms. YOGA/WRITING/CONNECTION/WINE/NAPS.

Fabulous LOVE how Lauren and Laura have developed this super program - from Yoga to Wine sounds excellent for Moms…

3 places have opened up:

1 semi private
2 shared (in the luxurious Dorm)

To check out all the juicy details and to sign up visit

Thank you AirBNB

AirBNB Listings

When we’re not hosting trainings at Soma Ranch, we make the ranch available for rent to families, corporate and wellness retreats through a great service called AirBNB

It’s been going so well we recently decided to also play with offering individuals the opportunity to stay overnight at the ranch. They reserve a room at the ranch like a room at the inn, sometimes Joe and I are there, sometimes not.

We’ve loved the opportunity to get to meet folks from around the globe! This month alone we’ve enjoyed guests from Holland, Libya, Florida, Oregon, Albequeque, Austin and Nashville. Guests are on vacation, travelling through or attending conventions, weddings, funerals or family reunions in the area.

Click this link to check out more about AirBNB and if you decide to take a trip you’ll save $25 off your first visit.

Helen gave you $25 to travel

I love the AirBNB site and how lovely our photos look. Deeply appreciate the great reviews folks have written about us and their stay at Soma Ranch. Great feeling of satisfaction seeing our dreams and mission coming true.

Here’s our listings on AirBNB if you curious…

When we rent out the whole facility:

Soma Ranch ~ Retreat for 2 - 20

When we rent out individual rooms:

Soma Ranch - Feel like a rock star!

New Condo at Soma Ranch ~ comes with a truck!

Relocating from our Castle Home of 15 years to the ranch we had a problemo:

  • where to keep our personal stuff?
  • where to stay when we rent out the whole facility?
  • where to sleep when we are fully sold out on retreats and trainings?

Condo on Wheels The solution for now… buy an AWESOME RV. It’s like a one bedroom condo. And the good news is we don’t have to pay property tax!

Our fifth wheel has 3 slide outs, a fabulous living space (with TV, couch, arm chairs and even a fireplace!) Kitchen (with stove, sink, micro wave), Bathroom (with shower tall enough for 6 foot Joe to stand in!), Bedroom with Queen Bed and Large wardrobe with sliding doors, even dual air conditioning units!

Condo on Wheels Thanks to Nia Participant Donna Wilhite, a great situation where she was looking to sell and we were looking to buy. She kindly drove the RV (with partner and friend) all the way from Oklahoma to Soma Ranch! We feel super blessed :-)

Congratulations Brown Belts!

Brown Belt Grads I facilitated my first solo brown belt. It’s something I’ve been in training for over 5 years and I was delighted to finally reach this long term goal. We had great week at Soma Ranch with fabulous participants and superb weather. Dreams coming true! with Soma Ranch being a most conducive environment for learning, healing and having fun in the process.

Congratulations to Skye, Trish, Holly, Louise, Sarit, Kathryn, Anita, Tamara, David, Karen and Peggy.

Brown Belt Grads As a facilitator I think this could be the most pleasurable training I have ever experienced (took me rather by surprise considering how I often feel rather nervous, especially going into lead something for the first time!) Part of the ease came from the ability to relax my thinking mind and memory, and glide along with an amazing and beautiful power point presentation, created by Nia.

Brown Belt Grads I also was wonderfully accompanied by Nia Black Belt, Mary Linn Bergstrom, from carrying my materials and bringing me water, to sitting up late at night helping me write up my notes (and helping me LAUGH!), she was a wonderful asset to the experience.

And of course Joe, my husband, chef, support staff, encourager, rancher, Mr Fix it and so much more. Was available, present and helping throughout the entire experience. Little surprises like finding Junior Mints by my bed side table at night, helped me feel loved and cherished.

I feel super fortunate to be a Nia trainer, at what I feel is the best facility on the planet, with a most incredible exceptional man by my side. = feeling lucky :-)

Skye ONeil Littleton, CA
Trish Humenansky-Laub Highland Ranch, CO
Holly Kania Lincoln, MA
Louise Massey Carrboro, NC
Sarit Sela Gainesville, FL
Kathryn Thomas Ashland, OR
Anita Csoma Houston, TX
Tamara Sanderson Pewee Valley, KY
David Samson Nevada City, CA
Karen Firebaugh Greensboro, NC
Peggy Renfroe The Woodlands, TX
Mary Linn Bergstrom Gordonsville, VA

Team Awesome is coming to town

I’ve invited a “gaggle” of awesome Nia Brown Belt Teachers to join me for a week at Soma Ranch. It’s to help me prepare for my first upcoming Nia Brown Belt (April 25 - May 1) and celebrate my 50th Birthday.

Most of these super special folks from around the WORLD have hosted me for events, I’ve often stayed in their homes. Now I get to share the ranch with them, and share them with you. It’s a very special week/opportunity. I hope you can come enjoy some classes.

There’s currently a fun promotion with Nia called “WhatIfNia” - for me.. it’s… What if you could choose exactly what you wanted for your 50th birthday, what would it be: I’d invite incredible like-minded friends to come join me for a week of depth, connection and fun.

Cool thing is I asked, they’re coming, we’re doing it.


$15per class in advanceregister below
$20per class on the daypay at the door
$100for all 10 classes


Tue2/108:00pmPink FloydHelenGreen
Thurs2/125:15pmCreating SacredHelenPurple

Last Training of the year at Soma Ranch

Are you loving the change of weather and falling of leaves? I like it all other than the cold! Good news is I love pumpkin and how it’s in everything at the moment from my coffee, to my soup and even ice cream :-)

I’m getting a little nostalgic as I realize this upcoming training is the last of the year at Soma Ranch! Would you like to join us? the whole course or a class awaits - I can guarantee yummy things pumpkin too :-)

Monday is Early Bird deadline for Shaman Retreat.

Bridget Boland

Early bird deadline for the Transformation and Radiant Empowerment Retreat with Bridget Boland is approaching. Save $50.00 off the total cost when you register before Monday Sept. 14, and join us for this wonderful seasonal opportunity to energetically release, cleanse and refresh. All details below. Please contact Bridget for details and to register.

Transformation and Radiant Empowerment:
An Autumn Retreat with Shaman Bridget Boland

Autumn is a wonder-filled time to “’plant the seeds of our becoming,” by seeking out our highest, most exquisite visions for ourselves and our lives. Join shaman, writer and Forrest Yoga instructor Bridget Boland for soulful ritual, fire ceremony, yoga, vision journeys, journaling and more. This weekend will help you discern and open the pathways to profound personal transformation and empowerment.

When: October 17-19, 2014
Where: Soma Ranch, Montgomery, TX
$550/person includes dormitory lodging, meals, yoga and all group sessions.
(Add $100 for a semi-private room)
For more information,;

To Register: 214-682-1207

FRIDAY NIGHT: Welcome Dinner, Opening Circle & Fire Ceremony.

SATURDAY: Yoga, Soul and Destiny Retrieval
Journeys, Journaling and Free Time

SUNDAY: Yoga, Closing Circle

Bridget is also available for a very limited number of private healing sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please contact her to schedule your session.

Researching Tiny Homes...

We’re investigating many options with regards how to add another building at Soma Ranch. It would be a place Joe and I can live on property without moving into the main house at Soma Ranch, ikely by the 1 acre pond at the bottom of the property. Here’s a great example inspiring us towards the possiblity of building our own tiny home.

SUPER Moon: Enjoy Nia Pink Floyd Followed by Moonlight Swim!

Enjoy a Nia Class to Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon with laser lights, synchronized with The Wizard of Oz on the big screen, followed by the option of a Moonlight swim at Soma Ranch!

Dark Side of the Moon Nia Class 8:30 - 9:30pm
Hot Tub and/or Moonlight Swim 9:30 - 10:30pm
$15 when pay by midnight Friday
$20 on the day/door

On July 12, 2014, we have the first full moon after the June 21 solstice. What an AWESOME time to enjoy to Soma Ranch with the Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon Nia Experience 8:30 - 9:30am. Entertain staying for Moonlight Hot Tub and/or Swim

Here’s more information about the moon…. Around this time of year, in North America, buck deer start growing antlers, thunder storms rage and farmers struggle to pile up hay in their barns. Thus, according to folklore, we call this full moon the Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Hay Moon. The July 2014 full moon is also the first of three full-moon supermoons in 2014. Previously, we had two supermoons in January - on January 1 and 30 - but they were new-moon supermoons. The full moons on July 12, August 10 and September 9 all enjoy the supermoon designation because the centers of these full moons and the center of Earth are less than 361,863 kilometers (224,851 miles) apart. The closest supermoon of the year comes with the August 10 full moon, with a moon that’s only 356,896 kilometers (221,765 miles) from Earth.