Gift yourself with this internal focus....

I feel so much better when I clean out my closet ~ how about you?

Here’s information from Susannah Rohland I found motivational, hope it helps you too…

During this last week of 2012 the planetary alignments are definitely encouraging for dealing with much needed change. This week offers a significant opportunity for reconstruction in those areas of our lives which have been bothersome to us for some months now. Inherent in this period is the need for a sincere assessment of what works in our lives and what does not.

It’s time to re-formulate our sense of who we are, where we want to go, and somehow reconfigure our self-expression. The current energies are quite supportive of this….it’s much easier now to lay a desirable foundation for our future selves.

We may feel an urgency to COMPLETE something important, prune and weed some elements in our lives, or perhaps we are drawn to REVIVE or ESTABLISH a creative endeavor. Even simply cleaning house – literally or figuratively – can bring much-needed clarity and a new sense of possibility. Release the outworn, and establish a nurturing environment – within you and without you – for your new expression of manifestation.

Make the time to take the time for reflection….create windows of quiet time so you can more clearly listen to your heart and head in collaboration with each other. You may feel an inner urgency to express yourself differently, to be a truer representation of your soul’s calling. It’s a potent time for regeneration and personal evolution….create periods of silence so you can more easily listen to the longings and demands of your soul.

Soon, as you get more clearly and distinctly in tune with your inner callings, you will establish your own rhythm. Gift yourself with this internal focus in this final week of the year, and it will truly be the gift that keeps on giving.