January Challenge ~ with Support & Accountability

Choose 7 minute workout, daily Nia class and/or SCAW!

Our December 28 day challenge was a success. Congratulations to Angela, Elizabeth and Kat for completing the “7 minute workout” (7MW) everyday for 28 days. Well done Monica, Mosy, Misty, Marian and Mmmany others did the 7MW almost everyday and checked in regularly on facebook. I especially appreciate the wonderful support I received the day I dropped. Thank you Jason for the reminder “it’s about what you choose to do NEXT that counts”, I got back on and completed 26 days out of 28. The combination of a support group and strategic plan helped increase the likelihood and level of success.

How well do you follow through with your goals and intentions? I’d like to do better, would you like to join me? I suggest we are more powerful together than apart. My 2013 focus is “Mind the Gap” ~ deceasing the distance between intentions and results..

For January

  1. choose any or all of the follow options
  2. subscribe to blog for daily encouragement
  3. go public on my facebook wall

Options for 28 days:

  1. 7 minute workout (You Tube included below)
  2. Nia Class (live or DVD)
  3. SCAW free (Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, Wheat free)

I’m going for the “triple”, 7MW, Nia Class and SCAW free everyday for 28 days.

7 Minute workout is one minute of:

  • embryonic
  • creeping
  • crawling
  • standing
  • walking
  • getting up and down
  • laughing