Helen in Paris ~ intro from rocking chair at Soma Ranch

Bon Jour!
I’m excited to be heading to Paris for the first time (March 24 - 25) to offer 5 Nia sessions:

  1. Nia FAMSS with Arias,
  2. Dark Side of the Moon Nia Experience,
  3. Sexi Adapted routine with Queen Latifah,
  4. 52 Moves workshop,
  5. Afro Celt Nia Experience “celebrate core and extremities”.

Check out this fun little clip from the rocking chair at Soma Ranch
Entertain joining us!

click HERE if you’d like to check out the flier and receive more information

You can also email the fabulous host/producer team:

  • Laurence Duperis lduperis@gmail.com
  • Sophie Tataru sofitatnia@yahoo.com