Tribute to Whitney Houston - Music Play List

After listening/researching many Whitney Houston Albums I found all the tracks for this play list from Whitney - The Greatest Hits
Other than “who do you love” from my very first Nia routine “Commitments”

The Nia choreography from the recent Nia routine “Birth” lends itself very well to this music. Great upbeat, disco, invigorating tunes.

Let me know if you play with this play list - I’d love to hear how it goes :-)

This is also a super play list for general listening,
I’ve been LOVING driving, singing along to these tunes.
Whitney was a remarkable singer, I adore how her music lives on.

  1. Greatest Love of All 4:49
  2. So Emotional (Dave Morales Mix) 3:57
  3. Who Do You Love 3:55
  4. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Junior’s Happy Handbag Mix) 4:25
  5. How Will I Know (Junior Vasquez Club Mix) 4:10
  6. I Will Always Love You (Hex Hector Radio Mix - Remastered) 4:51
  7. Queen of the Night (CJ’s Single Edit) 3:46
  8. I’m Every Woman (C + C Club Mix) [Radio Edit] 4:31
  9. Could I Have This Kiss Forever (Metro Mix - Remastered) 3:56
  10. Run to You 4:24
  11. I Have Nothing (Remastered)4:48
  12. I Will Always Love You 4:24