Teaching/experiencing a "dusty" Nia routine ~ Infinity

One class opportunity at NiaMoves, (Friday 9:15am) before I head to KY for a blue belt training.

I’m excited to play/teach with music from the Nia Routine Infinity. We will have a “dusty” Nia Routine experience, meaning I haven’t reviewed the choreography or played the music in a long while. I’m curious to discover how much my body can recapitulate. It’s experiences like these where I feel the most like a student. I show up with little knowledge of what the choreography will be…

My body leads, giving me MAYBE 10 seconds advance notice of what is to come next. I wait, sustaining what we call RAW (Relaxed, Alert and Waiting). It’s a curious “dimension” as I wait for the cue to come, from within (with 20 classmates waiting right behind me!). YIKES!

When I sustain RAW, with the trust that all will unfold beautifully, the class and I have a magical time. I find this a meditative reflection and lesson of life - I hope you will join me.

Any teachers out there feel the same way?

Students - how do you feel when I/we Nia Teachers lead this way?

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