Dark Side of the Moon Sync with Wizard of Oz TREBLED, Monday, July 22, 8:00 - 10:00pm

Come enjoy this TRIPLE amazing experience at Blue Electric Storm Retreat.

$20 in advance

$30 on the day

Read previous blog about synchronizing with Wizard of Oz.

I consider myself an artist with Nia as my “medium”. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon is an opportunity to be part of art in the moment, something to share with other movers and groovers in a most delightful way. We dance to the entire Wizard of Oz movie, listening to Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 3 times!

Yes! a tripee triple experience…
each time DSOTM plays we are guided through a unique movement experience:

  1. A floor play experience based on Nia 5 stages practice
  2. A 52 Moves experience, systematically move through Nia Technique
  3. we’re primed and ready for a full on Nia experience

Watch and also take part in “Art in the making!”
In this experience you are invited to both join in and step out. Observe as often as you like. Take the endurance “marathon” Nia experience challenge if you like. It’s all part of the collaborative creation.