2 for 1: Hotel Costes to Nia Routine Walking on Clouds

A perfect European Staycation Experience


  • Dynamic Tension with Crazy Silliness :-)


  • Feel incredible release through body & mind, leaving spirits lifted
  • with the inability to keep a smile off your face.
Best of Hotel Costes
Sympathique2:42Pink Martini
London in the Rain3:26Variety Lab)
L’amour4:09Rouge Rouge
Adore 5:09I Cube
My Funny Valentine4:18Big Muff
Latazz4:45Funky Lowlives
Morento Feat, Celmentine5:11Stephan Pompougnac
Doctor Rockit6:40Cafe De Flore
Where I do Begin3:19Shirley Bassey
Surround me with your love4:51311-Porter
Night over Manaus5:49Boozoo Bajou
One Night in Rio6:21Louise Austen
S.O.S. (The Sounds of Silence)2:57Trinity FM