Dancing Through Life - This stuff really works...

I’ve been snowed in at Toronto airport since 6am this morning (it’s now 5:00pm!). I’m super thankful of my Nia training, the tools I’ve gained to help me when thrown life challenging situations. All day I’ve been in incredibly relaxed Joy despite my circumstances, using awareness techniques learned through the Nia White Belt.

For example I’ve been practicing Dancing through Life. Where every day movements are conscious and pleasing to me (= I feel like I’m dancing). In the Joy of practicing Living Meditation, choosing to sense moments of stillness with pleasure and reap meditative benefits from the most ordinary and potentially frustrating situations for hours (= I feel like I’m meditating). And practicing Life as Art, where I shift my perception to allow beauty in to my sensory experience = this airport is like an amazing art gallery! :-) This stuff really works!

Have you considered the Nia White Belt? wondered what it’s about? worth the time and finances? check out this information and send me an email. We can set up a time to chat and I’m super happy to see how I may help you best.

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