Why Kristie is the Queen and I'm the Royal Advisor

I remember sitting across the table with Kristie and our lawyer Steven Bryant (her husband LOL) writing up the papers to incorporate NiaMoves and to enter into a business partnership. Steven shared how Kristie would be termed “President” and Helen be “Vice President”. Kristie shared how she didn’t feel comfortable with the terms, it was a precious moment, witnessing Kristie speaking up, sharing her truth and feeling a tad of tension as Steven shared “it doesn’t matter what you call yourselves, you simply need to choose something!”. I suggested “Hey! how about you are the Queen of NiaMoves and I’m the Royal Advisor” and poof! it was a click. Written into our legal binding contract, Kristie Bryant, Queen of NiaMoves and Helen Terry, Royal Advisor of NiaMoves. It’s been a fabulous journey and partnership, Thank you Kristie for all you do at NiaMoves. We wouldn’t be the same or perhaps even exist without your wonderful leadership.