Congratulations Brown Belts!

Brown Belt Grads I facilitated my first solo brown belt. It’s something I’ve been in training for over 5 years and I was delighted to finally reach this long term goal. We had great week at Soma Ranch with fabulous participants and superb weather. Dreams coming true! with Soma Ranch being a most conducive environment for learning, healing and having fun in the process.

Congratulations to Skye, Trish, Holly, Louise, Sarit, Kathryn, Anita, Tamara, David, Karen and Peggy.

Brown Belt Grads As a facilitator I think this could be the most pleasurable training I have ever experienced (took me rather by surprise considering how I often feel rather nervous, especially going into lead something for the first time!) Part of the ease came from the ability to relax my thinking mind and memory, and glide along with an amazing and beautiful power point presentation, created by Nia.

Brown Belt Grads I also was wonderfully accompanied by Nia Black Belt, Mary Linn Bergstrom, from carrying my materials and bringing me water, to sitting up late at night helping me write up my notes (and helping me LAUGH!), she was a wonderful asset to the experience.

And of course Joe, my husband, chef, support staff, encourager, rancher, Mr Fix it and so much more. Was available, present and helping throughout the entire experience. Little surprises like finding Junior Mints by my bed side table at night, helped me feel loved and cherished.

I feel super fortunate to be a Nia trainer, at what I feel is the best facility on the planet, with a most incredible exceptional man by my side. = feeling lucky :-)

Skye ONeil Littleton, CA
Trish Humenansky-Laub Highland Ranch, CO
Holly Kania Lincoln, MA
Louise Massey Carrboro, NC
Sarit Sela Gainesville, FL
Kathryn Thomas Ashland, OR
Anita Csoma Houston, TX
Tamara Sanderson Pewee Valley, KY
David Samson Nevada City, CA
Karen Firebaugh Greensboro, NC
Peggy Renfroe The Woodlands, TX
Mary Linn Bergstrom Gordonsville, VA