Positive people live up to 10 years longer!

I recently read "positive people live up to 10 years longer!" I trust those extra 10 years are full of joy, happiness & wonder!  This inspires me to be positive. I've noticed how easily I can initiate complaining about something or be sucked into someone else's negative spiraling story. My fun quest for 2016 is how quickly can I catch my habit and turn myself (or the other) around! I certainly feel better as I reflect on my decisions, at the end of the day, when my choices feel more positive than negative!

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And here's a great guide, by Anese Cavanaugh, to understanding this influence and showing up in a way that generates positive energy. When a leader creates this positive presence, everything changes. You can be that leader. You can be positively contagious: "For better or worse, your presence has impact. It is contagious." 

Show up, Set the Tone and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives