Save up to $150 when register early for Nia Trainings

Research shows it’s super healthy to sign up for something in advance and have something to look forward to. For us at Soma Ranch, having clients sign up in advance allows us to relax and prepare optimally for your stay ~ it’s big smiles all around :-) We are super excited for a limited time we are implementing a new structure for accommodation. An incentive program to thank you, with rewards, when you sign up in advance, bringing ease to the process.

Attend a Nia training at Soma Ranch & receive up to $150 in "past" "present" "future" vouchers:

Sign up 90+ days in advance receive

  • $50 off your accommodation,                                                 
  • $50 to spend at Soma Ranch during your stay *,
  • $50 towards your next visit at Soma Ranch **

Sign up 60+ days in advance receive

  • $50 to spend at Soma Ranch, 
  • $50 towards your next visit at Soma Ranch **

Sign up 30+ days in advance receive  

  • $50 towards your next visit at Soma Ranch **

* $50 "present" voucher may be used for clothes, snacks, books, kombuchas, gift cards and anything else you find for sale in the Soma Ranch Gift shop!

** $50 "future" voucher can be used for any training or retreat with Helen within 13 months of the initial Nia training.

These special rates apply to folks who pay the full $1599 price for their Nia training and cannot be combined with any other offer.
Email Helen to receive your special discount or call 832-567-4550 to enroll/find out more.

Expires December 31, 2016.

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