Run 2017 in 2017

I experienced many wonderful moments, and incredible learning experiences, from running 2016 miles in 2016. I was deeply touched how Dee and Kathy from Dallas/FW chose to drive down, simply to see me cross the finish line! They strung up a banner that said "I ran 2016 miles".  Joe and Liliana surprised me with a home made ribbon to run through AND fireworks! I've not received many awards in my life, receiving the 2016 mile medal from Liliana, my daughter, was an honor!

Coming up the Soma Ranch drive way at the end of the year, completing my 2016 miles, felt wonderful, I was filled with the pleasure of celebrating what a fabulous place we've manifested, how dreams come true, how we can share the joys with others and celebrate friendships and fun created. Truly feeling blessed was a great way to end the year.

I’m committing to run 2017 miles this year! yay! This requires an average of 5.526 miles every day for 365 days (miss a day and I have to run 11 miles to keep up the next day). Put another way that’s 38.68 miles a week, about 1.5 marathons a week and the equivalence of 77 marathons in the year!