Experience: Dark Side of the Moon with Wizard of Oz

DSOTM thread.jpg

A fabulous movement experience, set to the music of Pink Floyd, accompanied by visual stimuli of the classic Wizard of Oz motion picture. The most requested event Helen offers. 

  • Focus: Music, Movement, Magic
  • Intent: increase our level of magic and pleasure in movement.

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon experience is an opportunity to be part of the “art in motion”. A delightful shared experience with other movers and groovers. 

“I consider myself an artist with Nia inspired moves as my “medium”. The Wizard of Oz movie plays on the big screen as we dance to Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. It’s a truly magical, multi-media feast. You’re invited to be part of a community collaborative experience.”

  • Explore how to listen to music more intimately and experience ways to deeply connect our movements to it. 
  • Receive “toys” to help you hear more details in the music and open up to more choices in Freedance. 
  • Envelop yourself in a unique, truly magical experience


Information about the interesting synchronicity between DSOTM and Oz!

  1. Begin playing your version of the Wizard of Oz and be ready to start the album. Begin play on Dark Side of the Moon as soon as the lion on the MGM opening begins its roar for the third time.
  2. Notice Roger Waters singing “balanced on the biggest wave” as Dorothy is balancing on the farm’s fence at her Kansas home.
  3. Listen to the chimes and bells begin on the album when the Wicked Witch appears for the first time.
  4. Notice “The Great Gig in the Sky” song begin to escalate as the tornado hits Dorothy’s house. Likewise, the music calms down as the scene does, when the house lands.
  5. Watch as side one of the original vinyl album ends as soon as the movie changes to color when the Good Witch of the North appears. Also the first song on Side B is Money (color of ...)
  6. Notice the song “Brain Damage” plays as the Scarecrow sings “If I Only Had a Brain,” and the album ends with a heartbeat as Dorothy is feeling for the Tin Man’s heart.
  7. Read more: How to Watch Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd | eHow.com (it even provides suggested snacks and crafts to create to enhance your Wiz Oz experience! 

This is part of a series of descriptions about movement experiences Helen Terry provides. For more information email Helen@SomaRanch.com.