Congratulations Nia Budapest Blues

Oh My! what an amazing week we had. Hanging around Kinga (Nia training host in Budapest) for the past 7 years has been a wonderful journey. Every training feels like it gets better, I'm at the point of awe wondering how it can improve from here. 

Pam Morris attended to revisit the blue, she took my 4th ever white belt in 2000, then Blue belt in 2002 and I've not seen her since. Amazing to see Pam after all this time, I'm inspired by the life and Nia community she has manifested through tenacity, passion, love and kindness. At the age of 65 Pam teaches 7 classes a week and consistently attracts 35+ per class.

It's ridiculously easy and affordable to travel to Budapest. We've had ladies join us from Austria, the UK, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria, Transylvania, Romania, Turkey, Finland, France and more. Here Jane Lancaster shares her experience of coming to Hungary from the UK to revisit some of the Nia Blue Belt training.

Here's a slide show of the week, I hope it gives you a HINT of the joy experienced at these very special Nia training weeks.