Synchronicity of Connection

I dropped by to see my parents in the UK, on my way to Budapest. While putting on the kettle, my Mum mentioned my brother had received a message from a school friend, showing how our local pub had closed down and the building demolished for new apartments. Curiously on the side bar was a story about how Phil Garrett had broken the World Speed Record for a motor Bike with side car. Phil Garrett was a friend I'd not seen since my early twenties, after much digging around on line I sent a message to Phil. He replied with the most funny reply,.... 

phil and helen.jpg

"Hi Helen, Thank you for the email .. while reading... your happy smiling face came into my mind straight away… I read your profile and I didn’t recognize any of your notable achievements or skills.. so just before I jump up and down in sheer happiness at being in touch with you after so long I would like to ask you one question just to make sure you are the one and only Helen I remember…What album cover did your brother paint on his bedroom wall at your folks house in shenfield?  I so hope you know the answer…"

phil gar.jpg

Of all the questions Phil could ask, the answer is Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. The crazy thing is the following Saturday I would be in New Zealand and the city where I'd be providing the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon experience was Christchurch, New Zealand where Phil now lived!

We met up! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Phil, we had coffee and spent a little time at his home, mostly in the garage!  A dream come true to hear amazing stories about choices Phil had made, adventures he'd had,  and to witness the life he's created, choosing to live in joy day by day. 

How funny to consider I could have gone to Christchurch, been presenting within blocks of where Phil lived and had no idea he was there, assuming, if he was still alive he was in the UK if not still in Brentwood! And then how mind boggling to realize the chain of all the synchronistic events that took place to make our reconnection happen. Awestruck

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