Nia TV Rocks

At our recent Nia White Belt Training at Soma Ranch, Helen Terry shared how (in addition to the great 25+ Nia workouts available on Nia TV) there are 11 different ways to experience the 52 moves workout in 60 minutes.

That is 11 different teachers, 11 different playlists, 11 different outfits ;-)

The Nia 52 moves are the alphabet of Nia Technique. Get these moves down and in class you will

  • increase your sensory IQ & improve your technique
  • get a better workout and have more fun in class
  • reduce injury and enhance performance
  • develop a more relaxed thinking mind and deepen your sense of Joy

The Nia 52 moves a categorized into

  • BASE (Foot Techniques, Stances, Steps & Kicks),
  • CORE (Pelvis, Chest, Head & Spine moves) and
  • UPPER (Arms, Hands & Finger moves)

In a Nia 52 Moves class we feature one move per minute. This means in 60 minutes every part of the body has been moved, all our 200+ bones,  700+ muscles. From every part being touched through systemic movement, this whole body, cardiovascular, workout can leave you feeling energized with a sense of a full body massage.

Good news is Nia offers a 15 day free trial! you can experience one 52 moves class a day for the next 11 days for FREE! and then go back and repeat the ones you like the most! if you find you benefit from the experience you'll then have the choice to subscribe to NiaTV for only $9.99 a month. With this subscription you receive 26+ of the latest Nia Workouts, all the 11 52 moves classes, also podcasts, Debbie's (founder of Nia) Corner, Nia 5 stages, Moving to Heal and more. Sign up for NiaTV NOW!