Congratulations Nia Green Belt Graduates

Congratulations kk and Susan, our Green Belt graduates! 

With only 2 registered for the course we almost cancelled. oh MY! am I glad we didn't! 

The week was most rewarding, both for me and the participants. These 2 Nia belts stepped in without the confidence or skill to be able to teach a song. They stepped out having taught an awesome whole class! both equipped and ready to go home and begin to build/teach their own class/community. Here's what they shared about their experience     


I just got home from my 6 day stay at Soma Ranch with Joe and Helen.  Helen provided me with a fantastic Green Belt education and experience.  I am full to the brim. I am ready to teach, to share, and to live the Nia life.  Joe and Helen have a wonderful all encompassing campus of living, working, and playing.  Joe provides 3 nourishing, satisfying meals a day.  You can't ask for anything more.  The Green Belt has provided me with the skills and the confidence to step out on a floor and lead a class.  I am ready and excited.  Wishing you the best experience ever--you will get it with Helen at Soma Ranch.

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  • kk Taylor

EVERYTHING kk said, and more!

This was the second time I’d taken Green, and I must say Helen’s masterful and highly effective teaching style allowed for an incredibly rich, more impactful experience. 

I too have come away from Soma Ranch feeling confident and quite comfortable in teaching, as well as having FINALLY committed to memory, the primary principles, philosophy and tenets of White Belt.

Helen was able to brilliantly catch and clearly identify any habits that could hinder our teaching, offering incredibly supportive and constructive feedback. 

She freely shared her tricks of the trade, and I feel quite blessed to have her as a teacher and mentor. 

Helen and Joe have created something quite special at Soma Ranch. An environment that is warm and nurturing, as well as deeply conducive to learning. 

Have a wonderful time!

With love, Susan

  • Susan Pierce Freeman CPCC, NTP, CGP, RWS