Go Green!

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Something I LOVE about the Nia Green Belt is how Nia Belts receive the skills and drills to be able to do many things under pressure, simultaneously (like listen, dance & talk!) while sustaining a high level of relaxation.  Green Belt is the Nia training, which focuses on developing and embodying the skills to effectively teach Nia. We have a training beginning this Thursday, time is now if you'd like to jump in.

Here's what Andree shared about her Green Belt experience....

Helen, I've got Green Belt Joy, Soma Ranch Glow, and Helen Terry Inspiration...still brewing, doing magic a week after the training. I think I am gonna feel it for a long time!
What a week I had. I learned so much--including what I need to study... Beyond that, of course, is everything you shared. I am challenged, but not overwhelmed. Love my new driving game: 1 and 2 and 3 (gently squeeze steering wheel) and 4...until 6. Release for 7 and 8 and. I'll be cueing like a champ........ Thank you, again for guidance, sharing your knowledge ,humor, wisdom and dance with me.  I will be back!..

Public Nia Classes with Helen EVERY DAY during Green.

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