Labyrinth at Soma

We're exploring creating a fire pit area on the opposite side of the pool, next to our new massage house. Like often happens at Soma Ranch, what begins as a simple idea, tends to expand and grow into something most spectacular. Our fire pit is no exception... We are now entertaining the fire pit be at the center of a labyrinth, about 30 feet in diameter!

If you have experience with, interest in or passion for, labyrinths please let us know. We'd like to create a small group to help co-create something wonderful for all the community to enjoy.

For example one idea is to find out how to get bricks engraved with names, and invite everyone who's visited Soma Ranch to have a brick with their name on it around the perimeter! 

Here's a link we've found with examples of labyrinths. Let us know what you like...

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 9.10.20 PM.png