Congratulations Nia Green Belts


Oh my! what a wonderful Nia Training. These girls were ON FIRE with regards what they brought to the training and their relationship with learning. The progress in teaching Nia, and their personal movement technique, improved dramatically over the 5 day course.


Different to all other belts the Nia Green belt does not bring more principles with regards the Nia curriculum. Instead the Nia Green belt brings development from principles from the White belt (for example exploring how to pair Universal Joy (~ how to sense the pleasure of vitality, life force energy, moving through us) with Universal Dance (~ how we each have a way to move fully alive; an organic, untrained, unique way of moving systemically).

The Nia Green belt also brings practical skills and drills specifically designed to help teachers teach better with increased precision and relaxation all at the same time.


With 8 engaged, keen participants on the course, Helen provided plenty of one-on-one coaching, where the rest of the group participated as the class. This is a most effective way of providing specific personalized coaching, while the entire group benefits. i.e. most often what one person needs to learn is also beneficial for the rest of the group to witness and learn from.

Cindy Miller visited Soma Ranch for the first time. She enjoyed joining us for classes and meals, and took the time to balance self care and work preparation while we were in sessions.

Jo-Ann Pinel took the Nia Green Belt several years ago. She returned wanting to improve her teaching. She shared a precious feedback “I returned with a wish to improve how I teaching, including how I cue in class. Through the training I developed hope that cueing precisely and effectively was possible, by the end of the course I KNOW I have the skills and ability to achieve my goal”