2018 miles in 2018

As we approach the end of 2018 I'm close to completing the year in miles. i.e. achieving 2018 miles in 2018 is still possible!

With 1902.8 miles completed, 18 days to go, and 115.2 miles outstanding, my required average to complete 2018 miles is be presently 6.4 miles at day.

From previous experience (illness, injury, weather) I know achieving this goal is not "in the bag" yet.

I hope to kick out a few 10 miles days to make the goal super doable (rather than relying on having to run a marathon on Dec 31st!).

This year I eased up on myself and allowed miles to be shared between walking and running, i.e. I didn't require I ran all 2018 miles.

This "allowance" has been particularly kinder on my knees, while the goal to achieve 2018 miles in the year, is still a wonderful motivating factor to keep me moving and grooving on a regular basis.

Let me know if you'd like to join me in 2019. Here's a promo code to save $3 off the "Run the Year 2019" program. You can get T shirts, hat and a wonderful medal to mark your achievement.

Big shout out and thanks to my Mum who, (when I was down, thinking my goal was no longer achievable) helped me construct a spread sheet to show my dream was still possible. It’s a great example of how setting goals, keeping records and plugging away, day by day, can really add up.

The process I often follow is:

  1. the dream,

  2. breaking it down into goals,

  3. taking daily action,

  4. providing rewards for achievements along the way,

  5. calling on friends to stay motivated

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