30 days, 30 yoga classes, life changing.

Annie yoga.jpg

Tomorrow is a BIG deal for me. I took a challenge in April to be a student and experience 30 yoga classes in 30 days. The experience has been life changing. The teachers at The Yoga Room Conroe are amazing. I couldn't have done it without them, their big hearts, wonderful talents and excellent teaching skills. There's a class on the deck at the marina, Lake Conroe, we'll watch the sun set and the moon rise. It's followed by an amazing margarita celebration. Even Joe Terry is coming! I hope you can join us for the class and/or celebration. 


Lessons I've learned:

  1. starting the day with yoga is a wonderful way to begin my day
  2. a regular yoga practice has improved my flexibility and I'm sleeping better
  3. committing to a challenge is a great way to motivate
  4. being part of a tribe of lovely like minded folks is intoxicating and healthy!
  5. witnessing another amazing lady/business owner is very inspiring for how I lead

What I've received

  1. much needed stress relief and an opportunity to reset
  2. the gift of being a student is a lesson to help me be a better teacher
  3. more understanding and empathy for new students who attend my classes
  4. fabulous ideas on how to apply more yoga to floor play in Nia
  5. a wonderfully conditioned core LOL

fun observations:

  1. I get to bicycle to yoga - such a gift!
  2. I get to receive and learn something new on a daily basis
  3. I get to feel like a grown up!
  4. I get to do something for myself
  5. I get to make new friends
  6. I get it!