Helen + Clytie, Nia + Yoga Experience, Thursday, May 3, 10am

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Clytie in Greek means "bright, lovely one". In our Nia classes over the past few months Clytie has certainly been a big bright and lovely one!  She's is moving back to Utah at the beginning of June and we want to share a special "DUO" Nia/Yoga experience before Clytie goes. Folks have described Clytie's yoga skills/teaching as "the best" "world class" and "fabulous". Come experience this unique one off event and experience Yoga with Clytie before she leaves!

  • Helen will lead the first 45 minutes with Nia.
  • Clytie will lead the second 45 minutes with Yoga.
  • Regular class rates apply ~ Drop in for $15 or use your punch cards (4 for $40).
  • If you need to leave at 11:00am it's a OK.
  • Stay after class for Coffee/Chai at our patio by the sauna (fondly named "the bistro").
  • we are perfecting the ultimate "Soma dirty donkey" ~ a chai coffee fusion drink experience!

When planning this "impromptu" "pop up" Nia/Yoga combo our concept was "let's keep this Simple and Casual". Basically Clytie and I will be over the moon to experience team teaching together and enjoying a cuppa after class. Anyone who shows up, well, you will be a delightful, welcomed, addition to our already off the charts experience!! There's something super pleasurable about casting a 100% guaranteed peak experience with no push to market, no pressure (or even need) to have folks show up...

Helen is teaching AO (Alpha Omega) with the music of Bob Holroyd and the focus of Stability and Mobility. Clytie then picks up the focus and weaves her magic into an all inspiring yoga experience.