Nia White Belt in England

I (Helen) have been training in the UK since 1998. Being English, with my parents still living in the house we grew up in, traveling to teach Nia in the UK is a joyful way to spend time with my parents. They are the best roadies, who pick me up from the airport, escort me to the venue and even participate in the public classes.

My host and amazing producer, Geri Timmins, is a 2nd degree Nia Black belt who has been teaching for more than a decade.

Geri took the Nia white belt with me in Cardiff many moons ago.

One of the delights of being a trainer (returning several times annually to the UK) is I get to witness the progress and successes of dedicated Nia students and teachers, who end up feeling much more like friends.

Thank you local participants and returning belts for attending and supporting this training so well. Each time there’s a belt in this area it feels like the best reunion, catching up on the news and successes of local teachers and hearing amazing stories of healing from participants (and praise for their local teachers)

Staying at Geri’s house in a tiny Hamlet called “Coombe” outside of Wooten-Under-Edge is a delightful retreat.

This year the Nia White Belt was hosted at Barbara’s (Geri’s sisters) country farmhouse.

Thanks to extremely fortunate weather, we were able to enjoy public classes out on the lawn.

Coffee breaks in the “summer house” in the garden was dreamy!

Nap time in the barn converted studio was magical. The little heart blankets were a delightful comfort.

EveryBody on the course (whether they intended to teach or not upon graduation) stepped into playing with leading the group, experiencing a mini “teaching” experience.

This was a bold, playful and super supportive group of women. Something wonderful about Nia is everybody has a unique way of moving and teaching. This group embraced the concept “no one on the planet can teach Nia quite like me!” and went for it!

Being a participant, having the honor the bold uniqueness of each person who led a song was a gift.

Congratulations Nia White Belt graduates!

Thank you for a wonderful week. Please stay in touch, come back for Nia Blue Belt and hopefully we’ll see you at the Ranch soon!