Let the Birds take your Clothes

My dear friend, mentor, Nia sista, “Liliana Auntie” and all round BAD ASS Medicine Woman, Dr Deb Kern is facilitating her first PranaShakti Dance teacher training in Austin, Texas, this week.

Her course is a culmination of 35+ years of practice, training and studies.

With Deb’s amazing, unique and most exquisite way of connecting (with our bodies, our selves, with healing, with self- love, with a sisterhood of likeminded women and more), this is an amazing program and experience.

We look forward to Dr Deb Kern sharing her wisdom and talents at Soma Ranch on a regular (quarterly) basis starting in 2020.

Dr Deb will be offering retreats and also a very special teacher training. Please Contact Dr Deb Kern at https://drdebkern.com/contact

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For more information:

  1. visit www.DrDebKern.com

  2. like her facebook page

  3. entertain subscribing to Dr. Deb’s wonderful PranaShakti Sisterhood Group


Here’s a beautiful poem Deb shared on her newsletter to help inspired us as we step into our week.

May this poem guide you as you dance into this week...

Let the birds take your clothes
Let the waves undo your holding back
Let the vines unravel your tired mind
And the earth savour your sweat and tears.
Let your stories burn off like rising mist,
As your past and the false floors of curbed self love
Dissolve into butterfly wings and fire flies
As your edges blur and your cosmic self ignites.
Let the trees bathe your breath
Let the meadows embrace you
Let the mountains and the bees remind you
Let the sky flood in and allow the clouds to guide you.
Let your undoing be as total
As your becoming is beautiful –
And when the living world has climbed inside
Enough for you to feel four legs, scales and wings.
May you finally know yourself alive as all things –
Indivisible and responsible
Reborn into wholeness
Natural, Sacred and Wild
~Clare Dakin

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