5 Years of Team Coaching

As we step into our 5th annual Coaching Retreat for Upper Nia belts, here’s some fun facts and photos.

It all began 5 years ago when Helen entertained how best she’d like to celebrate her 50th birthday:

I thought about what I LOVE to do; Teaching, Sharing Soma Ranch, Helping others and having a GREAT time are 4 things that light me up! Creating a 7 day coaching retreat for upper Nia Belts seemed like a perfect solution!

Each year, in a very relaxed manner, Helen invites folks to join her for a week of coaching. It’s been wonderful each time to see how the group comes together. Some friends accompany each other, reconnecting from previous belts (like a reunion). Other folks step in not knowing anyone. Either way, great friendships are cultivated within 7 days of collective coaching, teaching and playing. In a small group where participants bring common interests (Nia, wanting to improve teaching, a willingness to be coached and have fun!) it’s rewarding and magical to witness what can be achieved.



Team C.A.R.E.

TEAM Dream