Results from Second Degree Black Belt

I’m challenged to describe my recent Nia Second Degree Black belt experience and sense it could take a few months before I truly feel the experience settling into my cells.

The good news I can share with ease the fabulous results I’m enjoying from attending the training. During the training I realized :

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 12.16.48 AM.png
  1. I miss having a piano at my home, and would love to restart playing

  2. I’d like to explore some kind of wardrobe makeover

  3. I desperately need help in my office

Within 72 hours of returning home from the course

  1. I have an electric piano and have started playing the new Lauren Daigle Album

  2. A lady, at the end of yoga class, asked what size feet I was, then offered me a bag with wonderfully sexy high boots as a gift

  3. Hananda, a recent Nia White Belt, with extensive retreat, office and management experience, has come to live at Soma Ranch for a while, and is helping me in the office! I am filled with hope and joy!


AND I’m noticing a wonderful sense of ease in class, while my teaching and creativity has improved!