Fun family times

What to do when your “soon to be graduating from University”, one and only daughter, calls you out of the blue, and with short notice invites you to participate in the UT 10K fun run.

For me it was simple, no questions asked, say YES!! then figure out how (when in the middle of Nia training) to tweak the schedule to allow me to drive to Austin, run, and drive home.

The answer was to invite the Nia training participants to practice together, prepare collaboratively and team teach my 10am morning Nia class.

I got up at 4am, drove to Austin, ran with Liliana and was back by 1:00pm, time to enjoy Joe’s delicious lunch and ready to lead the training at 1:30pm. We then added an evening session to cover the material missed by my morning absence.

The results were so good I’m putting in the suggestion on all future Nia Green Belts.

Providing the group with the opportunity to practice together and team teach WITHOUT the trainer being present was a big success and actually added to the success of each of the participants, equipping them with some great tools and skills to apply immediately at home.