Happy Easter Nia Classes ~ "Rising"

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As a Christian, Easter time, is a big deal for me, it’s a time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Also, as a Nia teacher, (and a Christian!) I want to honor the uniqueness of everyone in class and be accepting of all religions, beliefs and faiths.

Coming into class with "let's all celebrate Jesus!" simply is not going to work. I feel the creative tension between my personal faith and professional responsibility then jump up and down as I find a fabulous solution; A playlist compiled with songs to do with Rising with a focus around the concept "Rising".

In life many things are beyond our control, yet what is within our control is how we choose to respond, and the highest choice is often to rise above the circumstances on a quest to find light, truth and love….

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This Nia Experience “Rising” is adapted from the classic Nia routine "Mantra", originally designed by Carlos Aya Rosas.

Focus: The Belly (+Muscles and Cells) exploring how movement, the body’s way, is a mantra and metaphor for self, community, life.

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(Science) The belly, as a substance, has 3 different qualities:

  • strength (resilience)

  • elasticity (ability to bounce back)

  • fluidity (go with the flow)


  1. Sense how the belly contracts and expands

  2. Observe how the belly of each of your 700 muscles do the same, now

  3. Imagine all 70+ trillion cells also opening and closing

Notice how the belly, the muscles and the cells all do the same mantra of movement. They move in/out, expand/contract and always seek balance.


  • As we sense the belly of the body, play with calling it the “Moma Cell”

  • We can go inward (Body, Belly, Muscles, Connective Tissue, Cell)

  • We can go outwards (Body, Self, Others, Class, Community, Global)

Intent: From inward + outward awareness we develop a sense of inter-connection "we are one". The Mantra, the movement, our lives and community continues.

This is a time for celebration. An invitation to be inspired to rise up above anything that draws us down.

  • We are strong

  • We bounce back

  • We go with the flow

You're invited to come celebrate and join in the dance.

Thursday, 7:30 - 8:30pm The Yoga Room, Conroe

Friday, 10:00 - 11:00am Soma Ranch

Sunday, 5:00 - 6:00pm Soma Ranch