Update from Helen

We’ve had a vibrant couple of months at Soma Ranch with the completion of Nia Green Belts and Blue Belts and also the Men of Nia Retreat.

Helen’s parents came over from the UK to visit for 2 weeks, during which time we celebrated our daughter, Liliana’s, graduation from University of Texas.

Liliana is now on a 5 week European vacation with her boyfriend, before relocating to Seattle to begin a full time job with FaceBook. AT the end of July, Helen is taking a 4-5 day road trip with Liliana to help her relocate and deliver her car to Seattle!

Helen has returned from yet another very successful (and heart warming) Nia white belt experience in Budapest, this is the 10th White Belt Helen has offered in Budapest. Wonderful to recognize more than 120 people have taking this Nia foundational course in Hungary!! Kinga (The Shift HU, studio owner) and Helen are looking at how to create some fabulous retreat experiences around the Nia belt trainings in Budapest. We are casting providing group transportation, shared accommodation, for a small group to enjoy exploring the (special insider) tour of the city of Budapest (including Helen and Kinga’s favorite local places), with daily NIa classes and THEN a trip to the county-side to enjoy a weekend retreat with ladies form the Nia Budapest community, trips to the beautiful Lake Balatorre and YES! more Nia opportunities. Email Helen@somaranch.com if you’d like more details.

Hananda, our resident Nia teacher and “Magical Pixie Assistant” at Soma Ranch has been wonderfully helping from clearing brambles and feeding donkeys to subbing classes and keeping Helen on track, she is a wonderful addition to the Soma Team.

Helen and Hananda are now teaching 4 Nia classes a week (and subbing hot yoga!) at The Yoga Room Conroe Studio. Fabulous to see the local Nia community blossoming….

Helen is still on track for completing 2019 miles in 2019, at the moment she needs to complete an average of about 5.3 miles a day to keep on track. The November Vegas Rock and Roll marathon will be helping her top up on miles!

Joe is well, he’s been seeing a local chiropractor for the past 2 months and is happy to report great progress in general and particularly great relief and healing in his shoulder. As ever Joe is working diligently with the upkeep and maintenance at Soma Ranch. Here’s a photo of him resting after 6 hours of power spraying the metal roof of the house. (on one of the hottest days of the year LOL)

Thank you to AirBNB who have helped us connect with guests to rent and enjoy Soma Ranch almost every weekend we are not booked with our own trainings and retreat.

Next Wednesday we begin our annual Nia Brown Belt with 14+ participants coming from around the world! Enjoy public Nia classes every day at 10am, special events Friday, Saturday and Sunday and consider making a day of it and enjoying a Day Retreat.

With Nia White belt, Blue Electric Storm, Nia July Retreat, Nia FreeDance Retreat, Nia Moving to Heal Retreat, Nia Blue Belt and Nia October Retreat there are plenty of things to look forward to at Soma Ranch.

Visit www.somaranch.com/training and www.somaranch.com/events for more information