Retro Nia

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I'm getting excited about the upcoming Nia Evolution event with Debbie Rosas in Dallas.

Jule Aguirre asked me for some songs for a "retro Nia playlist".

The first Nia routine I ever taught was called Commitments.

The first place I taught was at St Luke's Hospital in the Texas Medical center.

With both (1) the "public" class with Nurses in the carpeted conference room and (2) the Cardiac rehab class we rocked out to this music.

oh my! now I'm wondering where the VHS tape is of me teaching these guys, I vividly remember Debbie's response when I showed her how we were dancing Nia in Cardiac rehab :-) Great to realize and celebrate how we were providing moving to heal experiences with Nia over 25 years ago! And to acknowledge how far we’ve gone/grown since then too.

My first Nia routines came with a TDK90 cassette with a hand written song list on the back from Carlos. If I could find those old tapes my guess is they might be worth something today! ha! I think I cleared them out about 10 years ago…

I’ll be co teaching a Nia class with Jule and Theressa on Friday night (before the Debbie Evolution event on Saturday). Won’t be able to grow big hair by then, however I’m already planning my outfit ;-) hope you can join us

Nia Collaboration Event

EVOLUTION MIX with Jule Aguirre & Theresa Quintans, with special guest appearance by Helen Terry!

A Nia Retrospective Community Event for EveryBODY!

Friday, July 5th 6-7pm at MoveStudio - 17062 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75248

For decades, Nia has been transforming body and lives on the planet! What a ride of JOY, healing, friendship, body + life mastery, transformation, and amazing music+movement+magic! Join us for this nostalgic, FUN retrospective of Nia music and choreography FROM THE VAULT!!!


REGISTER AT MOVESTUDIO.COM or pay onsite at the door

Jule Aguirre will be teaching a Moving to Heal Class before the Evolution Training on

Saturday, 7/6 at 9:05-10:05am at MoveStudio. Register at or on site at the door.

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